Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Moving...yep I said it! We are moving! Well I am sure you already knew this info already, but here it is again. Lyman got a new job teaching at Nashville Auto Diesel college in Nashville Tenn. He has already been there for 4 weeks now and is really enjoying it. At this time he is living with my sister and Bro-in-law. Thanks Tara and Craig for taking care of my hubby for me! Life has been upside down and crazy for us since we have made this decision. I will say it wasn't not made lightly. We prayed and asked God for His Wisdom and felt this was the way He wanted us to go. We had a very hard time making this decision in a short amount of time, we are sooooo going to miss our church family! I can't even tell you how sad it makes me to think about it! We love our church family, but we WILL come back to visit! With Kayla being in H.S. still we debated on moving too. We hate that she won't be able to finish H.S. at Mt.Vernon but we want our family to all make this move together. She is still having a really hard time with it so please keep her in your prayers. Laina on the other hand is EXTATIC! She loves Nashville so she will be just fine. Mylie is ready to be in NashBill (as she calls it) she wants to be with her daddy. This transition has been tough on Mylie, she doesn't understand why daddy is only home on the weekends.She cries for him alot at night and asks about him all the time. When he is home, she is attached to him (which mommy loves...so I can have a break).
We are on the hunt for a house, I want to be close to my sister. We thought we found one, but it feel through so we are back at it, looking hard. Please Pray we can find one that we can call home.

I am currently in school right now to get my Educators License, and plan on trying to teach Cosmetology in Tenn. along with working with my sister. I won't finish school until the end of June, so will be in Illinois until then. Right now its packing and getting ready for the biggest rummage sale of my life. I hope I can make some good money!! I will try to post again after the move, I can't promise too much until we get settled. Thank you for your prayers!

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