Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Moving...yep I said it! We are moving! Well I am sure you already knew this info already, but here it is again. Lyman got a new job teaching at Nashville Auto Diesel college in Nashville Tenn. He has already been there for 4 weeks now and is really enjoying it. At this time he is living with my sister and Bro-in-law. Thanks Tara and Craig for taking care of my hubby for me! Life has been upside down and crazy for us since we have made this decision. I will say it wasn't not made lightly. We prayed and asked God for His Wisdom and felt this was the way He wanted us to go. We had a very hard time making this decision in a short amount of time, we are sooooo going to miss our church family! I can't even tell you how sad it makes me to think about it! We love our church family, but we WILL come back to visit! With Kayla being in H.S. still we debated on moving too. We hate that she won't be able to finish H.S. at Mt.Vernon but we want our family to all make this move together. She is still having a really hard time with it so please keep her in your prayers. Laina on the other hand is EXTATIC! She loves Nashville so she will be just fine. Mylie is ready to be in NashBill (as she calls it) she wants to be with her daddy. This transition has been tough on Mylie, she doesn't understand why daddy is only home on the weekends.She cries for him alot at night and asks about him all the time. When he is home, she is attached to him (which mommy loves...so I can have a break).
We are on the hunt for a house, I want to be close to my sister. We thought we found one, but it feel through so we are back at it, looking hard. Please Pray we can find one that we can call home.

I am currently in school right now to get my Educators License, and plan on trying to teach Cosmetology in Tenn. along with working with my sister. I won't finish school until the end of June, so will be in Illinois until then. Right now its packing and getting ready for the biggest rummage sale of my life. I hope I can make some good money!! I will try to post again after the move, I can't promise too much until we get settled. Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Family

Hey guys sorry I haven't kept you up to date. Life has continued to be very busy for our family. My last post was about Laina going off to college. Well Laina loves college! Her grades are great and she loves her independance. It was hard for me to let go of that tight rein I had on her but I know I had to do it. She will say I am still controlling but I am trying...REALLY! She has come home several times and is actually home right now for Thanksgiving break. Both Kayla and Mylie love it when she is home. Mylie was so excited when Laina came home this past week that she won't let Laina alone. She constantly wants her Sissy. Kayla has had a good school year too. She kept herself really busy in the fall by being the Boys Soccer Manager. She liked to practice with them to keep herself conditioned for her upcoming season. Kayla and Lyman have also been very busy working on Kayla's car. They are redoing a Corvair. Mylie is doing great too. She is a big girl now wearing Big Girl Panties :) I feel quite proud of that! She is so smart too, she knows her birthday and we are working on spelling her name and writing it. Lyman and I are planning on taking the girls to Chicago for a little family trip before Christmas so hopefully we will have some cute pics to share later. Well here are a few pics...

This Mylie at Halloween:Raggedy Ann

My Little Model

Laina and Kayla

Three Amigos

This pic we took on Black Friday...we went EARLY that morning! This was Laina's first adventure on Black Friday and she loved it :) I love making memories with my girls and this was one of them!

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Flew the Nest

So this past weekend was a big weekend for the Parsells. We took Laina to college!!!!! Wow I can't believe I am saying that! She is attending the Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nashville Tenn. She has always wanted to go there. We went last month to register her so this past weekend all we had to do was go move her in. Laina, Mylie and I headed down Thursday night and stayed at my sisters and then Daddy and Kayla came down Friday after Kayla got out of school. The college opened their doors at 10:00 am on Friday and Laina and I got there bright and early! (A big Thank you to my sister for keeping Mylie while we moved her in). Now I need to tell you we just got a new mini van which I was so ready for, and we had it PACKED!!! I couldn't believe all the stuff this child was taking, half of it I don't think she will even use, but she thinks she will :) So when I thought about taking all of her stuff to her dorm I thought that was going to be a huge chore. I was happy however to find that there were like 6 people there to help us carry things in, so I just knew it was only going to take a few hours to get her room all settled. Whew, what was I thinking, I was there until 6:00 p.m. But her room is super cute!! I even built a book case all by myself!! So after an exhausting day I kissed my little girl goodbye and went back to my sisters. NO TEARS! Maybe cause I knew I was coming back the next day with Lyman and Kayla. But even when we went back as a family on Saturday and gave Laina her car and gave our final goodbyes, there were still NO TEARS! I made it all the way home and then went to church when some of my good friends had to come ask me how I was doing..that did me in, I bawled!! And I was doing so good too. I can't walk by her room and not tear up either cause it is so empty (and clean) I miss her! But I know God has Great things for her and I am excited to see what God does with her life. If you think about it please pray for her! Being away from home can't always be easy, so I am sure she would appreciate the prayers. Well here are some pics of the weekend...

Un packing the van

Her Room mate made her Welcome home signs, so sweet!

Her Side of the room all done! Isn't it cute!

Her small closet, with all her clothes packed in tight!

Laina and her roommate Rachel

Katie and Laina (they went to church camp together their whole lives) :)

Laina and Momma

Our family together in front of her dorm

Well if anyone wants her address it is:
Laina Parsell
3606 West End Ave.
Nashville TN 37205

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nationals and a mini vacation

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time. It has been a crazy summer. Laina started her first job working at Camp Hope, and has been getting ready for college. I can't believe she is going to be leaving soon. Kayla has been taking drivers Ed in Carbondale and has finished the course. She is working on driving with the teacher now and we just have to meet a few more times. Mylie is working on Potty training and doing pretty good, but we have our days and messes. Lyman and I have been busy working and chasing after our girls. But this past week we went to Cincinnati Ohio for the Free Will Baptist Church Association Nationals. It has always been fun to go to, we all get to see friends and listen to good preaching and its just always a blast. Well...not this year!! Some might be asking "Why?"or "What happend?"Well lets just say MYLIE HAPPENED!! I need some good preaching after this past week! ugh I am stressed just thinking about it again. But on our way home we decided to try to squeeze in a little family time. Lyman had found this place on the internet, and it was on our way home. We stopped at French Lick, IN. they have resorts there that are really cool and we stayed in one that had a indoor water park. We loved it! It was sooo much fun! Mylie loved it!!
She loves the water

We are one crazy family!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kayla's 15th Birthday

We have had a crazy few weeks so I am trying to catch up with my blogging! (Pant pant) This past weekend we celebrated Kayla's 15th birthday! Every birthday we have the grandparents over for a dinner. The girls get to pick what they want to eat, this time Kayla wanted to grill out which worked out for me because Lyman did all that :) Kayla had put on her list that she wanted an IPOD so that's what she got. Now that I think of it Lyman did the shopping too, so I got off easy this year. Every year seems to go by so fast and this year seemed even quicker, Kayla will be 16 before we know it. We have signed Kayla up for a Drivers Ed course in Carbondale and that starts next Monday so watch out pedestrians!! Here are a few pics of Kayla's birthday bash!

Make a WISH!!

Doesn't Mylie look so cute sittting at the head of the table.

This is my cousin Candace, she and I have been close since we were born! Love you Candy!

Old Neighbors and ICECREAM

This past weekend my old neighbor and great friend Wendy came home for her nephews graduation. We try to see each other everytime she is home. Wendy was my neighbor growing up in Sesser and we hung out through High School. I am sooo thankful for our friendship, she is always there for me even if we do live 400 miles away from each other. She keeps me in check and has taught me alot! I love you WENDY!!! So anywho we got to spend 2 days together and we had a good time. On Friday we took the kids to Sesser Park and then to the Custard Stand (the best place in the world). We enjoyed watching the kids play and visiting. I have some cute pics of the kids playing and I am adding several pics of Mylie eating her first icecream cone. She normally just shares mine or I get her ice cream in a cup, so she when I handed her the cone she went to town. :) I still can't get those stains out (note to self...always put her in play clothes when going to Custard stand)

Me and Wendy

3 Silly girls

Kensi Paige


Baby Kylie, isn't she so adorable!!

Kade and Mylie running the bases

The kids loved the custard stand

She loved that ice cream cone!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Laina's Graduation Party

So to celebrate Laina's High School Graduation, we invited our close friends and family to a party at the Bonnie park. Wow do we have alot of family!! With our families being "combined" our girls have lots of grandparents, aunts & unlces, cousins, etc. So we had a BIG party! It was alot of fun, my wonderful sister-in-law, Marjorie spent the night with us and helped us get it all together. (I couldn't have done it without ya Marj, THANK YOU) Lyman and I debated all day if we should have it at the park or move it to the church with the crazy weather we have been having, but we decided to go for it and go to the park. As soon as we started to eat the rain came, ugh! But we just kept partying! Mylie loved playing in the rain, she has been coughing though ever since. Thank you to all our friends and family that came and celebrated with us, we are so Blessed to have you all in our lives. Here are some pics of the crazy but fun day...

Grandpa Ron, Laina, Grandma JoAnn

Mylie playing in the rain, she had sooo much fun!

Klaire, Maddi Kate and Mylie